How 2 Kashmiri Brothers Ran A 10-Day, Social-Media Campaign That Propelled Their Imprisoned Father To Parliament

A social-media campaign inviting resentful, frustrated youth who normally boycotted elections to vote. A budget of Rs 27,000. This is what it took two college-going siblings, helped by their family, social-media influencers and their father’s 11-year-old political party, to spearhead a successful election campaign for their father, imprisoned in Delhi’s Tihar Jail for 1,771 days on charges of terror financing. The campaign for Sheikh Abdul Rashid, or Engineer Rashid, ran not on issues of roads, water or electricity but as ‘revenge’ for his incarceration, his sons promising that their father would be a voice for hundreds of Kashmiri youth imprisoned in jails nationwide.

14 Jun 2024        Auqib Javeed